What causes rain and thunder

The following story in the Daffo dialect of the Ron language was told by Mr. Danjuma Malan Kating from Daffo. It was recorded in Daffo in 1992 by Mr. Mafulul Lek.

It is a so called “etiological myth“, i.e. “a myth intended to explain the origins of cult practices, natural phenomena, proper names and the like”. (Wikipedia: Etiology)

The story gives an explanation for the natural phenomenon of rain and thunder.

Here is the Ron (Daffo) version:

Ɗam mma a kwaal hanan si bara

Ren ɗiin naf ma fasa si ma ndik ndee si tof a mandwish ti mahwi ti a ndik na a lai. Naf ma fasa si kul mmis naf ma njengan mama si sun mahwi ti a ndiki. Naf ma ndik ɗes, si kul mmis andai. Shak nzis si lak han, si nii, naaf mama a hwi ti mwis a ndik, ta tor la ti bakam. Nai si furai mandwishi, naaf ma ndik ta gan ma fasa a ndik, ta wop a tor la ti bakam. Naf ma ndik si lang a jakak. Naf ma fasa, mmis ko ta yangga’is. Naf ma fasa nai si mun a wis a fasa, sin a gwaa’an re fo, sin a hwash, yir a maɗor. Shak ren tima naf ma fasahi si tik a ben findel sani, nai si ho, yir si mashu. Yir mmisi, sin mi, mi yo hanan mama a mashwaayi. Gwaa’an re fo tima ndee si gwaa’, yit ti, mu yo bara, mama a ndurwam, ta taɗaas taa fasa, hanan a mashuhi.

Here is an English free translation of the story:

One day, the people of the sky and the people of the earth met to have a wrestling competition. The people of the sky brought their strongest wrestling champions. The people of the earth did likewise. They made an agreement that the one who managed to throw his opponent to the ground should stab him with a knife. Then they started the wrestling. A man of the earth threw a man of the heaven to the ground and immediately stabbed him to death. The earthlings were very happy. The people of the sky became very sad. They returned to the sky, wailing and shedding tears. Even now, whenever they remember that event, they will start crying bitterly and shed many tears. Their tears are the rain that is pouring from the sky. Their wailing, when they beat their hands to their mouth, is the thunder that can be heard when the rain is falling.

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