Reading and writing the Ron language

In 2004, together with some Ron speakers, I have written a small booklet on “Reading and writing the Ron language”. You can download it here as a PDF-file. In order to be able to see some of the special characters, you need to also download the SIL Doulos Unicode font.

I will be pleased to read your comments and answer any questions you may have.

5 responses to “Reading and writing the Ron language

  1. Mafulul Timothy Mashingil

    I am a Butura indigene living outside. As a matter of fact i didn’t grow up in bokkos and so i don’t know some of our traditions. To be frank wit you i am very glad to see something like this on the internet. i will say i’m really glad about it, it helped me tremendously.
    I will be glad if you send me more details (i mean info) about our culture an tradition.
    this is my E-mail:
    Phone: 07030449256
    Thank you for all your support….

  2. Dear Mafulul,

    I am happy that you have come across my Ron-Kulere blog. I must admit I haven’t posted stuff for a long time. I am happy that you found useful what is here so far.

  3. uren adams malau

    fochalla doc!
    its amazing hw u av been able to make this possible even thou it seems
    as impossible as i had thot it can be to locate my village in the pages of the world esp via internet.THANKS for making it possible,u av taken the most courageous steps i have ever come across in my life.i would like to know more about and your experiences in DAFFO.I look forward to hear frm you’

  4. Dear Uren,

    Thanks for your friendly words. I have enjoyed staying in Daffo. The Daffo people were most friendly and I will always have nice memories of the time I have spent there.

    I hope to add more Ron materials to this blog soon. How did you come across it? Where do you live?

  5. this is amazing, i feel like am going back to the classroom as far as the Ron language is concerned

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