The woman who stole oil

This week, I started the Facebook group “Ron Kulere”  which is meant for anyone who is interested in the language, history and culture of the Ron and Kulere people. I am happy that a number of Ron people have joined this new group. According to their comments, they are highly interested in the preservation of their language and culture and deplore the fact that their language is in danger.

But it is not yet too late! Among the Ron-Kulere people there are many gifted language speakers, creative writers and artists. Back in 1994, I met one of them — a young man named Amos Emmanuel from Daffo who wrote down a few stories in the Ron language for me. Here is one about a woman who stole palm oil at the market. I hope you will enjoy it!  (Sorry, no English translation and audio recording this time)

Masher ma mbar ma gumbwya

Naaf ɗiin ndee a niyet nafu nzis, ɓa ti yu a gon cica la, ɓa ti gonis mbar ma gumbwya. Ɗak ti wal gon cicahi la, ti lang, ti hek cifi la a fa sho ligit. Ti lang a dun ɗam ma ka ti yu, ti lakis ra mmit a wur wet, shisher ti lang a kai set.

Ɗak ti ben wet, ti nii, itii mu wan a shir mbari kek. Ti lang yit mawan a gang ta Mutinzuhwi mma ti gwaan mbari la. Ti yu, ti swaarai Mutinzuhwi fo, yet a gyoki, ɓa ɗama ta tek ko ma Mutinzuhwi la, ɓa ti shir mbari. Wen ti yeset, ɗak Mutinzuhwi ti yu a shitai mbayat tima mu mashar ti a gangi. Mutaasheri ti wop a tar mbari, ti wetai la a gem nzit, tima ti no’ a ɗing.

Ɗak Mutinzuhwi ti tik la taa kil ma shitai mbayati, ti shitai si shiret mbar mmit. Ti furai tong, ɓa ti kai masher ma mbar mmit. Mutaasheri ti furai shu fo, ti nii: “Mma ca kai mutaasher ahun masher ma mbar kyani, ngga ca dash, ca syaar ti!” Ti mun a lak andai, ti sun ti nii mashura ma yish awu kai mbari, si nwis la, si furai ndyaafan ta ti a gem kwa.

Mar ma vat ɗiin mama a halai ɗam mma mu luki ta shitai mbar sis a ndyaafan taa yish a yet, ta tok a lakis naf. Si wop a kai nafuhi, si yu ti, si ndus a sam ta fe gaat. Ɗak si wal dashi, si mwai a ra, ndo ti kai set, si nii, ndee ti tyaak a gof la a kil ma gon ɗaam kwa.

5 responses to “The woman who stole oil

  1. Speaking of gifted Ron language speakers, here is another story I published in 2008:​m/2008/02/23/how-goat-shee​p-and-dog-went-on-a-journe​y/

  2. samuel mahannan gunat

    a nice idea u guy ‘ve there. i think u deserve commendation.

  3. What a nice surprise! I just realized that the author of the story, Mr. Amos Emmanuel Mabur, is also on Facebook:

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