Truth and lie don’t live together

Earning your living by honest work is much harder than being what is called a “419er” in Nigeria and cheating yourself  through life. This is what is shown in the following story by Mr. Lek from Daffo. It also talks about some rituals which were performed in ancient Ron culture to separate from one another.


Gunda mai, a tek shita’, a ragot la, a tek mburuk. Da Awei a niyis: “A Gunda, tite a hwi ti shita’ la?”.  A niyis: “Han ti ɓal shum. Yaa wen a mburat, i zut pas nzin, i cu, i kaf.”

Da Awei a niyis: “A mba zut pas si mburati, ca shitai ɗong!”  Gunda a niyis: “Ci yu a nan ta naf, si far cin ca, ci cu.”

A niyis Da Awei, ta tong yis naf findel. Nai a tong yis naf findel, a nii: “Ni yes, ɓa ni cwai hun ca nzu. Nzinin ni wetai la, ngga ni cu ta cam.” Naf si sisal, si niyis: “Aange! Ninii ni mun halyang ndai kong? Naa wu a fari kwa.”

Gunda a taɓwak ra a fo, a nii: “Waroowa! A naf, hu halai mmin tawe! Kabok, naa yo mushe mi!”

A kinggit hai, a kir a ndik, fat ma hwash, a nii: “Naa fwal ca ti, ɓa ni cu – lau ma hyaak nin. Hu shitai shum nzinin, kabok!”  Shum ti kai naf, si kul ca, si faris.

Gunda a sisal, a niyis Da Awei: “A shitai mburuk nzin kong tima ti wu yen shita’i! Haa wan a cwai cahi ahun wet?”  Da awei a niyis: “Wawa’! A cu ɗama mma!Yaa wan a cwai ca ti mburuk kwa. Yaa wan a cwai ti shita’ mmin. Ci kar!”

Nai si kir karnggash, si tyaak a ahul mwan kwa mayes a kwai hani.

Lul taa tu ti findel sani, yit mai

  • Gunda a ti’ mimai?
  • Wamai a ti’ Da awei?
  • Mburuk ti ti’ mi?
  • Shita’ a ti’ mi?
  • Mimai a ti’ “kir karnggash”?
  • “A hwaalan mwan kwa” si “kir karnggash” ɗam ma ɗanggat mai ahun wet?
  • Si kyaar karnggash tite?
  • Mimai a kyaar si kir karnggash?
  • Si kyaar karnggash, si tek la, ahun wet?
  • Mma naaf a mot, si ɓwaar a sam. Mma si wal a tek hayi, si kir karnggash ti a swei mma si tek hayi. A mun si kiran karnggash si naaf ma mamot sai ha?

Gunda, the Chief liar

Gunda threw away the hoe and took the mburuk plant. Master Truth asked him: “Why do you throw away the hoe?” He answered: “Farming is too difficult. I will become a “doctor”, play tricks and earn my living with this.”

Master Truth asked him to give an example of how he will live as a “doctor”. Gunda told him: “Let’s go to the people and ask them for food.”

He asked Master Truth to ask for the food first. So he talked to the people first and said: “We have come to eat your food. We want to keep our own food until the rainy season.” The people laughed and replied: “What? Do you think we are fools? We won’t give you (anything).”

Gunda exclaimed: “Oh no! Dear people, listen to me first! Please, we are orphans!” He shook his head, put it down as if he were crying and said: “We beg for food, (only because) we are dying of hunger. Have mercy with us, please!” The people pitied them and brought food for them.

Gunda laughed and asked Master Truth: “Do you see now how I can live by this trade? Are you going to eat the food or not?” Master Truth told him: “Never! Eat your thing! I won’t eat the food you have earned by your tricks. I’m going to eat food earned by the hoe. Fare well!”

Then they parted, putting (a branch of) an euphorbia (as a sign of separation between them) and never even took fire from each other until this very day.


  • What is symbolized by Gunda?
  • Who is symbolized by  Master Truth?
  • What is symbolized by the mburuk plant?
  • What is symbolized by the hoe?
  • What is the meaning of “putting euphorbia” ?
  • Is not “taking fire from each other” and “putting euphorbia” the same?
  • How is the ritual of “putting euphorbia” done?
  • Why would people “put euphorbia” ?
  • Was the ritual of  “putting euphorbia” permanent or could it be undone?
  • When a person died, he was first buried in house. When later his head was examined, they used to put euphorbia in the hole from where they took the head. Does this mean that they have forever separated with the dead person?

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