Ushaat Murum

English: Toad
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Here is a tale which is a bit similar to one I posted on this blog four years ago. Again, a woman is kidnapped by the water-spirits and rescued by a toad. The tale was told by Mr. Ɗanladi Malan Kating from Daffo in 1992 and recorded and transcribed by Mr. Mafulul Lek, who is also from Daffo.

Waatan ti Ushaat Murum

Ushaat Murum ndee ti nii, mu wan a shitai washash mmit a Manggor. Nai ti ndok a ɗer, ham ti shambar, ti mba lang fiti wet. Ti nii, mu nvwing zong, zong wa cuuf ti furet ti a ham kil. Ti nii, mu nvwing ndu ti rigit, ndu ti rigit wa kyuhum ti furet ti a ham kil. Ti tek manggis, ti nii, mu ragoti, manggis ɗes wa kyuhup ti a ham kil. Ti nii, mu mafis ti hai nzit, ti lang wa kyuhum ti a ham kil. Ti nii, mu mashit la, ti shitai, mu kudang ta hural!

Ti a reni, Shima a Daram ta rut mor mmis, ɓa ta hayis mer ti a ɗer sai. Mori ta yu, ta nii, ma hai meri, ta halai dor. Ta kir hwam, ta halai, dori a nii:

“Wamai a hai ti mer, ɗak mor ma Shima?
Ha niyis a Shima, Mwan a sho ti shumi.
A niyis: Ushaat Murum mwan a sho ti shumi,
na a fa giringi, giring ta hurali.
Fyau a fa giringi, na a fa giringi,
mbar a fa giringi, na a fa giringi,
Giring ta hurali, na a fa giringi,
giring ta hurali!”

Nai mori ta tik la a wur, ta nii, si faris yanggon, ta shon. Si niyis: “Tite a lul shoon yo luli?” Ta niyis: “Hu faren kek !” Si faris shooni. Ta mun a shoni, ta kir dor mama kwai a halai a ɗer sai. Da Shima ta halai, ta niyis mori: “A halai sani masut ma dori al?” Ta niyis: “A ɗer, kil mama a rut sen, i haya mer ti.”

Shima ta gyok naaf mma ta rut ta mahural a ɗeri wet. Nai mbokol-fiɗyok ti yes, ti niyis Da Shima, ta rut set ta mahurali. Ti niyis, mu wan ti kul Ushaat Murumi. Da Shima nai ta rut set, ti yu.

Mbokol-fiɗyok ti yu a ɗeri. Ti lang a kudang ta mahurali, ti ɗul Ushaat Murum, ka ɗaam mmiti shak. Ti tik la a wur ta Da Shima, ti niyis, si shwet mwan, ti halai, mu manzam. Si zan, si ragot la. Ti tik a mayes, si tek, si tik a nvwing la a maɗuf. Ti tik a mayes a ma yuhun, ti kabok, si hon set, ti halai mwani.

Ti furai twaafan. Si nii, mi shitayi, zong ti lang, ndu ti lang, manggis ti lang. Si nii, mi matik a mashit, Ushaat Murum ti lang! Si lang a verayi, si nii: “Ushaat! Ushaat! Ushaat Murum!” Ɗes, si lang a palaang mbokol-fiɗyok, si tyaakai hai, si niyet: “Lo! Lo! Lo! Lo, a naa!”

The tale of Ushaat Murum

A woman named Ushaat Murum once wanted to visit her relatives in Mangor. She came to a river which was overflowing and she couldn’t cross it. She tried to throw across her walking-stick, but it fell into the water. She tried to throw across her drinking vessel, but it also fell into the  water. She tried to throw across her under-wear, but it also fell into the water. She tried to jump across herself, but she also fell into the water. As she was looking around, she saw that she was in the water-spirits  house.

That same day, Mr. Shima from Daram village sent his servant to cut a  tree for him at that very river. The servant went. But as he started cutting the tree, he heard a song.

He listened to it carefully. It went like this;: “Who is cutting a  tree, is that the slave of Shima? Please tell Shima, I’m here suffering. Tell him, Ushaat Murum is suffering here, on the riverbank, at the water-spirits house. There is salt on the riverbank, there is oil on the riverbank, the riverbank where the water-spirits live.”

The servant returned home and asked for some guinea-corn to pound. They asked him what he needed it for. He said they should just give it to him. They gave it to him. As he was grinding, he repeated the song he had heard at the river. When Mr. Shima heard it, he asked the servant were he had heard that  song. He answered that he heard it at the river where he had sent him to cut a  tree.

Shima tried to find someone to send to the river, but he couldn’t. Then a toad came and asked Mr. Shima to send her to the water-spirits. She said she would bring Ushaat Murum back. Then Mr. Shima sent her.

The toad  went to the river. She went into the house of the water-spirits and swallowed Ushaat Murum  and all her things. She went to Mr. Shima’s house and asked for some fire to warm herself  up. They took her and threw her out. She came again, but they took her and threw her out again. She came a third time and asked them to allow her to warm herself up.

Then she started vomiting. They watched her and saw a walking stick, a drinking vessel and and under-wear  coming out. They continued watching and next came out Ushaat Murum! They started to dance, shouting: “Ushaat! Ushaat! Ushaat!” They also thanked the toad again and again, saying: “Lo, lo, lo, lo a  naa!”

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