Bad luck

I haven’t posted any stories in the Bokkos variety of Ron for a while. Here is one told by Pastor Joseph Nggyak in 1998. Sorry, I haven’t got a translation. If any of the Bokkos people would like to add one, just send a comment.

Halnyat kwaal ma ɗing i shangi

Ai maɗufal niin yis ti tutwyai hu shikyan ta wur. Unai maɗufal i ɓyat ɓa ɗeng u yes u dangus ɓa u fas mal i kobo andek kwa. Unai mwen niin lang ya ta ɗom hon ahom ames a wuri. Unai shiken ti lang ta ɗom ti ti’ hai ta lung, hai nggwes ta lung. Unai shikeni ti lang ti lungi ya ta sang kel. Ɗufali yes ɗing shikeni ti lung ta hai, maasi ɓa u ha’ lungi ya ta hai i shikeni. Lungi lang ya kwa. Unai lak ta mulut, ni ɓin ɗat, ɓa i wa i lai som lef ti lo, ɓa si yes, si lef shikeni ya, ɓi i wisi i ha’ hai i shikeni ya ta lung, ka ndok lungi ti ɓak. Unai wa lai som lef ti lo, si yes, si lef shikeni ya. Maasi ɓa u ha’ hai i shikeni ya; hai lang kwa. Maasi wet, unai ha’ lungi ɓak ya, hai i shikeni lang ya. Unai mbe’ wet, ni, “Maaɗing i shangi, i lef shiken asun ya kwa.” Fot kel apil: ma ti shiken kwa, ma ti lung kwa. Unai ta te’i maɗufali shingat. Ɗama mi i shangi nai.

2 responses to “Bad luck

  1. Findel maai dat feet. Daval ani wis kikaat ndai.

  2. This is a breaf history of my father let mr. ZACHARIAH MAHANAN my father is a good person,a care and the man of distiney,he was a policeman before but…so there was and accitend yesterday wich is on 23/12/2013 in barkin ladi wich is on his way from jos to bokkos, so the accitend happen in the evening around 5:30pm, so after that accitend the people that are insite the car some are whunt but the penful thing is dt,only one(1) person in the car that die and that is my father mr zachariah mahanan which make us not to cularbeted the happiyes day which is chrismass and also we the family of mr zachariah mahanan are preying that what ever comes our way let us give God the glory and one more let his soul rest in perfick peace with the lord (amen)

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