How a student was nearly beaten up because of a tape recorder

Sony Tape Recorder

Sony Tape Recorder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is another story which shows how modern life and the use of unknown gadgets was often a cause for alarm in the traditional society. In this case, a student was nearly beaten up because of a tape recorder. The story was written down by Mr. Mafulul Lek from Daffo in 1992.

Ɗam ma tek findel ahun rakoda

Halingyat tima ndee si nin a fa ɗam ma tek shilim, yit ti ɗes, ndee si masai a hai ta ɗam ma tek findel, mama si laal “tep” ti Maasara.

Mar ma makaranda ɗiin mai, ndee a tek findel ma mandwish ɗiin mama fe ma makarandahi si masai a hai ta naaf ma gof ti makaranda ɗiin mama wa’ a kai mar ti makaranda ɗiin ti manjeng, ɓa ta nyok. Nai mari ti mun a hwash, yit a kwyet ti a mandwishi, ɗam ma tek findel ta tek lahi.

Mar ma makarandahi nai ta yes ti ɗam ma tek findel mmis a wur. Ta wai la, ta nyis a nya, ta ndus fosam hai, yit a halayi. Nai nafu ɗiin tima mi ti a wur ti ɗanggat akul si mar ma makarandahi ti lang a kir hwam, ti halai la ti mari a hwash ti a ɗam ma tek findeli. Ti cu a re, ti tok, ti yu, ti laal naf, ti niyis wa’, mar ma makarandahi ma ha’ mar ɗiin a sam, ɓa ta nyok ti manjeng.

Naf nai si matutok, si yu. Si yu mari mma nya si tekan sis, ɗes mma ɗam ma findeli a walan a findeli, a soris. Nai si nggwaak fosami, si niyis mari, ta ɓwai la. Mari ta halai kwa, yit yis a nya. Ko ta manis, si ndur fosami la kpo’, si rang ti. Mari ta shunjo la taa nya bacacat, si niyis: “Mar tima a manyok na a sam ti manjeng mu al?”

Ta nii, ma manii, a masai ɗama ɗiin andai kwa, si furai ndwaari, mawan a dashi. Ta niyis: “Kabok, ahun findel ma kit a ɗam ma tek findel sani mai, hu halai yo?” Si niyis: “Ma al ɗamani?” Ta ti’isai ra, ta niyis: “Man!” Ta ɓwisai, si halai.

Taa tei, ta tikis tikil shak ngga’ mama ɗam ma tek findeli a masaahai wunat. Ta niyis, sin ɗes, ɓa si findel. Si findel, ta tek findeli. Ta ɓwisai la, si halai. Si lang a mayor, si nyaahai re shaang. Si kat a kabok mari, ɓa ta yafis ɗam mama si masisayi ka fosam mama si nduris la.

The tape recorder

As it happened with the camera, people also did some foolish things in reaction to the tape recorder.

A student had recorded a school play in which a teacher tried to rape one of his female students. In the play, that student screamed loudly, trying to defend herself. All that had been recorded by the student. The student brought home the tape and lay down on his bed, listening to the play. He also closed up his door.

A woman who was a neighbour to the student heard the recorded voice of the girl in the play and ran to the door of the student’s room. Filled with anger, she quickly called in the other neighbours to come to the help of the girl.

They quickly went to the student’s room. In the meantime, the he had fallen asleep and the tape recorder had stopped automatically. They banged at the door and called the student to open the door. But he didn’t hear it. So they angrily broke open the door. The student woke up confusedly. They asked him: “Where is the girl you were raping?” He firmly denied having raped any girl in the room, but they began to push him about and nearly beat him up.

Then the recollected that it must be the tape recorder they had heard. He pointed to it and told them: “Maybe you have heard it from the tape recorder.” He replayed the tape to them. He also explained to them how the tape recorder worked. Then he recorded their voices and played it to them. They were greatly surprised. They finally had to apologise for breaking the door and attacking him.

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