The Lion and the Hare

Mr. Mafulul Lek, a former journalist who lives in Daffo, has collected and written down a number of animal tales in the Daffo variety of the Ron language. Here is one of them. You can also listen to the recording. Sorry – the quality of this recording is poor.

Kukum si kamo’

Ren ɗiin ɗaam ma lan ndee si tof, ɓa si findel. Si findel, si nii, mahwer ma kukum ɗiin ma wal sis a cwayi. Nai si nii: “Ca masai tite?” Si nii: “A hyau ca faris lo ɗanggat kek tima ta cwai, ka a tik a hyaak can lingling kwa!” Nai si nii: “Ca faris mai masut ti lo ti?” Shak si nii: “Kamo’ mar ma ungguryat!” Kamo’ nai ti niyis yee. Ta lifit, yit a nan ta mahwer ma kukumi, ta niyis: “Ni walan findel a hai a ya. Taa kwai yin kamo’ mai masut ma lo tima aa wan a cwaahani kek. Ka a tik a wan a far ɗiin, ahun a hek lo ti lan ɗiin kwa! Ɗes kamo’i mai, ma wa a kwaalan hai nzis ti hai nzis na a wur a ya. Ka a tik a wan a kima kwa! A muna na a mamun, a cu taa ndik fat nggal kek!” Ta niyis: “Findeli a hyau ahun wet?” Kukum ta sisal mus-mus, ta ɗamai fo lulya, ta niyis: “Findeli a hyau fiyang!” Mar ma ungguryat ta tikis a luli, ta niyis: “A saf, a nii, ɓa a ndek masut mminin la shak ndai kwa?” Kukum ta niyis: “Ha mai, a nii ɗam mama shak ɗaam ma lan hu tof, hu lak nai! Nai i niya, findel a hyawi.” Kukum ta nii halam mawan a kai kamo’i, ɓa ta wop a cwayi, kamo’ ta niyis: “Kabok, a sor, a halai! Ka a lefai nggal fo a swyai kwa! Inii ma shengan sani mai, aa wan a cwayi, a kaf ha? Yin mar ma maru mai kek ! Si rut sen ti jinggir ma kamo’ ɗiin mai, ɓa i kula. Nai ni ndok na a mater, madish ma kukum ɗiin a nii wa’ si rutis itii mai, hayaa mai safi kwa. Nai i niyis yee, ka a fa cwan kwa, ɓa i yes, i laka, ci yu a shitis ti hai nza tawe. A lifit, a cin kang!” Kukum wa hwak ta lifit, wa hwak ɗes ti ko ma manan, mar ma ungguryat ta tong a fo, yit ti fai. Nai mar ma da yit ti kukumi a fo ma tir ɗiin. Ta heris kukumi shen, ta ti’isai shilim nzis ti a ham kil ra, ta niyis: “Haang, a shitai, madish ma kukumi na si jinggir ma kamo’i kong!” Kukum ta tik a manii halam wa kyuhum ti a tir, wa’ mawan a mbayat si nisis kukumi sai. Ta nyai la mgbwel, ta kat ti a tir! Ta mun a mashu ti a tir, mar ma ungguryat ta ɓer nggongi, ta niyis: “Hu cala! Wareng ti mawu. Haling a ɗama ɗiin!”

The Lion and the Hare

One day all the bush animals met for a discussion. The discussion was about an old lion who was preying on other animals. They said: “What shall we do?” It was decided that they should give the lion only one species of animals to prey on, instead of allowing him to kill animals indiscriminately!” The question, then, was: Which species should they take? They unanimously voted for the hare. The hare had to accept the verdict. He went to the old lion and told him: “Your Royal Highness, we have decided that from this day on you must only prey on us, the hares, and no other animal whatsoever. You need no longer go to hunt, since we will come to you as your daily provision.” He asked the lion whether he liked that prospect. The lion smiled with satisfaction, licked his mouth and said: “That is really good news!” The hare asked him: “Your Royal Highness, do you really want to destroy all of our kind?” The lion said: “But you yourself brought me the news about the decision which the other animals took. Of course, I was happy to hear it.” The hungry lion was about to jump on the hare and kill it, but the hare shouted: “Please, listen to me! I haven’t finished yet. It is not the thin type of hare you will get, like myself. I am only a messenger. They sent me to you with a fat hare. But on my way, an old lion seized it from me, claiming that he should get it, because you are not the King. So I asked him to wait awhile, so I can go and call you to see it, before he eats the fat hare. Come with me, your Royal Highness!” The lion was annoyed. He rose up at once and followed the hare. The hare took the lion to a deep abandoned well. He stood close by the lion and pointed to their reflection in the water: “You see, there is that wretched lion with the fat hare!” The lion jumped into the well to fight with the other lion. He broke his neck and remained there in the well. He started drowning. The hare kicked his buttocks, saying: “We have finally got rid of you, you old fool!”

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