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Ron comparative word list

Back in the nineties, when I worked for the Frankfurt-Maiduguri Joint  Research project, I collected standardised word list in different Ron varities. To this, I added some materials which were collected by my supervisor, Prof. Herrmann Jungraithmayr, back in the sixties. The following Ron-Kulere comparative word list (ordered by the English gloss) is an output of that research.

How to become a “Makocok”

Prior to the influence of Christianity in Ron-Kulere country, which began in the 1930s, there existed hierarchically structured cult associations. Among the Ron, only males were allowed to take part in the rituals. Women were not allowed to see the masqueraders associated with it. At a certain age, boys were initiated into the lowest rank. In order to become a member (makocok) and ascend into higher ranks of the associations one had to feast their members. The following text by Mr. Mafulul Lek explains how this was done and some other traditions associated with the kocok. Continue reading

In memoriam Barbara Frank

Dr. Barbara Frank (Private photo)

Dr. Barbara Frank was one of the few people worldwide doing research on the culture and history of the Ron and Kulere people. She was born  in Goßfelden near Marburg in 1936 and died in Marburg  in 2004. This year, she would have been 75 years old. She died too early. May her soul rest in peace! Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Doktor Herrmann!

Prof. Dr. Herrmann Jungraithmayr talking to H. E. Mai Martaba Sale Muhammadu, First Class Chief of Kaltungo (Picture taken 2009)

My former teacher and supervisor, Prof. em. Dr. Herrmann Jungraithmayr, will celebrate his 80th birthday tomorrow. He was born in Eferding, Austria, on May 7th 1931. In Nigeria, where he has spent much time, people usually refer to him as “Doktor Herrmann” (it usually sounds more like “Dokta Haman”). Continue reading

Sorry for the long silence

I started this blog, which is dedicated to the language, culture and history of the Ron and Kulere people, in 2008. When I started two years ago, I had more time at hand. This has changed since then, that is why I didn’t publish anything new here. Sorry for the long silence. I hope I will be able to publish more this year again. Please bear with me!

More Ron materials on the Internet

Dr. Roger Blench, a British scholar, has a website where he presents drafts of his papers and materials on a large number of Nigerian languages. Some of it is on or related to Ron languages:

Ron-Kulere sources on the Internet

Some information on the Ron-Kulere people and languages can be found on the Internet. A good place to start with is the Ethnologue, “an encyclopedic reference work cataloging all of the world’s known living languages”. Continue reading