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John 18-21 in Ron (Butura Dialect)

Here is another sample of scripture translated into Ron. The following is a translation of the Gospel of John, Chapter 18-21 by Rev. Daniel Bitrus, a speaker of the Butura dialect of Ron. I have done some minor changes on his original text to make it more readable for speakers of other Ron varieties, e.g. I have written word final “r”, which is dropped and replaced by vowel length in the Butura dialect. Continue reading

The Passion and Easter Story in Ron-Bokkos

Translating the Bible into the Ron language has been on and off for the last 20-30 years. The first Ron speakers have been trained to do this already in the 80ies, at the Centre of Nigeria Bible Translation Trust in Jos. Translation Committees for the Bokkos and Daffo-Butura dialects were formed, a translation office was set up, small passages from scripture and other Christian texts were translated and distributed. Continue reading