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Malim memorial song

In the past, different subgroups of the Ron people have fought against each other and also against their neighbours. Here is a story about a prisoner of war taken  from the Birom people by the Butura people. It was written down by Mafulul Lek in 1992.

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Modern Ron music

In recent times, young Ron language speakers have started producing modern pop music using Ron language texts. Two tapes were produced by Mark Julson around 1995, one in Butura dialect (“Hu yes ca palang sis”) and one in Bokkos dialect (“Yehun ka palangus”). Another tape containing pop music with Ron language texts (“Fut hai”) was produced by Samuel Tee Mangut around 2000.

The latest production of pop music using Ron language (Butura dialect) is a song in hiphop style (“Ca fut hai la”) by Masarah Kim Usman:

John 18-21 in Ron (Butura Dialect)

Here is another sample of scripture translated into Ron. The following is a translation of the Gospel of John, Chapter 18-21 by Rev. Daniel Bitrus, a speaker of the Butura dialect of Ron. I have done some minor changes on his original text to make it more readable for speakers of other Ron varieties, e.g. I have written word final “r”, which is dropped and replaced by vowel length in the Butura dialect. Continue reading

Ron-Kulere sources on the Internet

Some information on the Ron-Kulere people and languages can be found on the Internet. A good place to start with is the Ethnologue, “an encyclopedic reference work cataloging all of the world’s known living languages”. Continue reading