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Why we have house rats and bush rats

Mus Musculus

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I have collected a number of animal tales which are also etiological tales, i.e. which explain why certain things are the way they are. Here is one form Bokkos told by Rev. Benjamin Matawal. It explains why we have house rats and bush rats. Continue reading

How the plaited penis sheath was invented

The following story by Mr. Lek provides an explanation how the plaited penis sheaths (masin) which in the past were used as pubic covers on the Jos Plateau and in other areas in Africa were invented. Continue reading

What causes rain and thunder

The following story in the Daffo dialect of the Ron language was told by Mr. Danjuma Malan Kating from Daffo. It was recorded in Daffo in 1992 by Mr. Mafulul Lek.

It is a so called “etiological myth“, i.e. “a myth intended to explain the origins of cult practices, natural phenomena, proper names and the like”. (Wikipedia: Etiology)

The story gives an explanation for the natural phenomenon of rain and thunder. Continue reading