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Happy Birthday, Doktor Herrmann!

Prof. Dr. Herrmann Jungraithmayr talking to H. E. Mai Martaba Sale Muhammadu, First Class Chief of Kaltungo (Picture taken 2009)

My former teacher and supervisor, Prof. em. Dr. Herrmann Jungraithmayr, will celebrate his 80th birthday tomorrow. He was born in Eferding, Austria, on May 7th 1931. In Nigeria, where he has spent much time, people usually refer to him as “Doktor Herrmann” (it usually sounds more like “Dokta Haman”). Continue reading

How the Sha falls (“Farin Ruwa”) got their name

Have you ever seen the Sha falls, which are also called “Farin Ruwa“? Located at the southwestern escarpment of the Jos Plateau, it is a tourist attraction which some years ago even became a reason for dispute, as reported in a newspaper in 2003: Continue reading

Ron-Kulere sources on the Internet

Some information on the Ron-Kulere people and languages can be found on the Internet. A good place to start with is the Ethnologue, “an encyclopedic reference work cataloging all of the world’s known living languages”. Continue reading